Don’t smoke into my face

I firmly believe in people’s right to destroy themselves. I am in the camp where I don’t think suicide is necessarily bad. I believe in people’s right to choose euthanasia. Nobody can demand pain from another person.

But for fuck’s sake, if you want to die, die alone.

Like, don’t drink and drive.

And also, don’t smoke right into my face.

Especially don’t smoke at the driving range. Have some common sense. Like, where am I supposed to flee to? To the field toward which people are hitting the golf balls?

These men are basically killing me—only, very gradually and slowly, in a passive manner, so they delude themselves that it is okay. Nobody can put them in jail.

If I were to hit them with my golf club, I would be the one ending up in prison. And my claim that it was self-defense wouldn’t stand in court.

It is maddening.

I look forward to my death, but I hope I won’t have to die painfully. And people blowing smoke into my face just doesn’t seem to be the way toward a painless death for me.

I don’t care what other people’s preference about death (or life) is. I don’t care if they have an open invitation orgy at home. So long as consenting adults are involved, I do not care what drugs they do, what stuff they watch, I really just don’t care.

But I care about me and my painfree life and death.

I should think this is common sense—that people should have the right to care about living and dying painfree.

And yet these smoke-in-your-facers loudly laugh at the golf range and get all “social” and everyone overlooks what they are actually doing: killing everyone else right there.

This is why I do not “believe in” the law. What kind of any valid thing with any value lacks consistency to this degree? Allowing this?

Btw, one thing you notice with people who smoke while “practicing” golf is that they lack consistency.

Big surprise. Maybe if you didn’t cloud your judgment while practicing, you would do better. Not necessarily better than other people, but better than you while you are shrouded in a thick cloud of smoke.

They are also the grunters. As in, for 9 out of 10 shots, they are surprised at how much they suck, so they grunt.

I mean, I suck pretty badly at golf, but then I am not surprised 9 out of 10 times at my own sucking. I think it is probably because my judgment isn’t clouded by all the toxic smoke.

Also, this:

What the hell.

All they leave behind are reeks and this mess and a whole lot of smoke in my lungs. 2 hours after their departure, I still feel like throwing up.

These people take up space in the center of the driving range. Meaning, from the very beginning, they have no intention of being considerate toward others. Their smoke floats in all directions. Everywhere. All over the place.

By all means, smoke. It’s none of my business. But it becomes my business and everyone else’s when you do it around someone else’s face.

So have some fucking common sense.

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